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  • Painted Wire

    Painted metal wire, also known as decorative floral wire, colored metal craft wire.

    Raw material: black wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire

    Painted colors: green, black, blue, red, white, gold, silver, purple, yellow, pink ......

    Usage: weaving, binding, floral ligation, jewelry line, bookbinding

    Section Shape: Round

    Wire diameter range: 0.3mm-1.65mm

    Package: big or small plastic spool, wooden sticks , straight cut wire in bundle

    Features: smooth, bright, easy off paint (paint will not burst after bending 180), flame retardant, environmental protection.

    The handmade metal wire craft in different packages, small plastic spool30-100g/pc; winding with wood sticks, Independent packing or several in a bag, and then packed with box, at last with carton packaging.

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